Tuesday, August 4, 2015

Vieques Island: Caracas Beach, PR.

To get to Vieques Island, you have to take a ferry from Farjardo to the island. Summer time is the busiest time to go. We planned on going to Culebra, but the tickets were sold out! We even got there at 3am! It was a mad house there. We bought tickets to Vieques for the 6am ferry. We were so tired that we went to the beach and took a long nap! It was very much needed. We pretty much went to Caracas Beach, swam around and laid out for a while. We went to get some Pina Coladas and relaxed. We should of stayed one night there and went to see the Bioluminescence Bay, but we didn't bring all of our stuff. We didn't do the BioBay in Farjardo because it smelled too bad! I mean rotting fish and volcanic ash smell. In PR, there are active volcanos in the ocean and the volcanic ash makes this sulfuric smell that kills the fish around and it's the worse smell I have yet to smell!!!! Worse than Thailand.

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