Tuesday, August 4, 2015

Christensted, St. Croix: Virgin Islands.

This was our first full day in Christensted so we decided to go to the beach of course and swim around! Can't go wrong with that. We were glad to meet some people on the island to show us around and get a better feel of the island. There is nothing better than having someone from the island to show you around. Erik's family has been in the islands for a long time! Since the Danish conquered St. Croix. We met his grandma and uncle as well, they live in this cute old style home! They were really sweet. Since we travel a lot and hotels can get expensive we met a lot of really outgoing people on www.couchsurfing.com it really helps you meet people that like to do the same things as you. I'd have to say this trip we met some of the best people yet on our travels. 

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