Friday, January 8, 2016

Ouray, CO.

We decided to come to Ouray, CO. because of the hot springs here and we're familiar with all the ice climbing here. We came to snowmobile for TL's birthday trip. Next time we will try ice climbing, we just don't have all the ice picks and crampons yet! We stayed at Twin Peaks Lodge & Hot Springs it's a good deal for 3 nights. We only paid $208! I think they gave us a good price because the hotel was pretty much empty. The ice festival is starting on the 14th so that's when they will get busy again. Their natural hot springs is opened 24 hours a day so after our adventure for the day we would soak in the hot springs. We went to the Box Canyon Falls and Ouray Ice Park here in Ouray. We had to drive further to go snowmobiling (outside of Telluride). We didn't have good luck because we had to take our 2 wheel drive truck since our 4x4 truck's engine went out! The roads were crazy slippery.