Tuesday, August 4, 2015

El Yunque Rain Forest, PR.

El Yunque was a bit disappointing for us. Unfortunately, a lot of the hiking trails are off limits to the public because they do not want the rain forest destroyed. It makes sense, but it sucks for the people who actually know what they are doing and take care out the forest. When we go camping or hiking we always pick up our trash and even other people's trash because it is the polite thing to do. We always leave it better than when we came. We hiked to La Mina falls, which is about 25-30 ft tall. We thought we would see 300 ft waterfalls, but we didn't. If you want to see bigger falls you have to pay a tour guide $200. Uhmmmm, yeah thats ridiculous. We're not going to pay someone that much money just to show us the trail how to get somewhere. They should have a bigger map of the trails so people who know what they are doing can get there themselves. If you want to camp here you have to get permits and licenses to even camp. Usually at parks they have designated areas where you can camp. They have so many open spots to camp, but it's so regulated it's not even worth it. FYI.

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