Saturday, March 7, 2015

Malaysia 2013

Our designation was to go to Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. I'm not big on the huge cities so it was hard to us to find things to do here. When we travel we have lists, but majority of the time we book hotels as we go and do things that aren't always planned. We came to do what we planned so we are happy about that. Our overall experience was not good. When we arrived we were starving because we took a 10 hour bus ride there! We wanted KFC and they wouldn't take our credit cards, Thai baht, Indonesian rupiah, Vietnamese Dong, or anything we had. When we took a taxi to our hotel the taxi driver was fine with Thai baht. That other girl was just not having a good day, maybe?

Shopping mall

It was really hot and humid the day we had to go all the way up those stairs! There were monkeys everywhere trying to get feed by all the tourists. I don't like them! In Thailand they stole my rambutan, while I was trying to put on my scandals on the beach. 

After we checked out the Batu Caves we actually went climbing behind it! It's a pretty cool area, lots of different routes. Some of the rock was wet, but we made it work. I kept getting bird crap in my hair! It was pretty gross. Many areas in Malaysia you will hear the Muslim Prayer, I don't have anything against it, but putting it on the over-com is intense in my opinion, especially when I'm trying to climb!

We had a chill, gloomy day I think the day before Christmas. Drank coffee and tea, just hung out by the pool.

Our Christmas dinner was so delicious! It was at the buffet at our hotel called the Sunway Putra Hotel from sashimi, lamp, ribeye and a lot of dessert!

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