Friday, March 6, 2015

Thailand 2013

We flew into Krabi, Thailand and booked out stay at the Pan Beach Bungalows (Link below) for 4 nights just to get settled in. We rented a motorcycle and explored a lot of the island from the rain forest, buddhist temples, beaches! The street food was surprisingly not bad and the massages were the best! 200 baht which is about $5 American dollars we had to get at least 2 a day since we did a lot of rock climbing.

Hanging out at the secluded beach the Pan Beach Bungalows we stayed at. $19 a night for a large bungalow, can't beat that!

We went island hopping in the Phi Phi Islands. We took a boat there from Krabi for about $10 dollars a person, it's about a 2 hour trip there. We stayed at the Grand Phi Phi Chang Resort that ranged from $60-80 dollars a night, since it was high season. The guided boat tour (Island hopping) is a must, it's a all day deal and only cost $15 dollars with water and food included. The places they took us is in the last photo.

The cliffs we rock climbed were right outside of the touristy part of town. You really can't miss it. It's the huge cliffs on the side of the beach. The limestone rocks were amazing, so many different holds to choose from. 

Another area we went climbing is called Railay Beach, it's right outside of Ao Nang (Krabi). We also took a boat there, as you can tell the transportation is by boat mainly. This spot was probably around 20 mins from Krabi. We stayed at the Railay Great View Resort & Spa, Krabi, which was the most pricey! It was about $84 US Dollars, we learned to just take a boat there for the day and come back to where it's not as expensive. 

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