Saturday, March 7, 2015

Georgia 2014

Hiked Old Mill State Park, GA.

Stone Mountain State Park, GA.

Stone Summit Climbing Gym out side of Atlanta is my favorite rock gym of all! 60 ft walls and difficult routes to test your skills! 

Tallulah George State Park. We did some rock climbing, rappelling and lots of hiking here. The rocks were really slick from the rain so we took our time to hike through the George. We had to get a hiking permit because apparently a lot of people get lost so that's how they keep track of who's down there or not.

Day 2 Hiking in the George 


Found Panther Creek Falls on Yelp! 7 mile hike round trip and it was definitely worth it. It was really hot and humid, but we made it! Cooled off in the water for a bit then hiked back up. I love hikes that have something to look forward to in the end.

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